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Kin;Aesthetic has been producing music for around 15 years, but it’s only in the last few that he has been getting some of these tracks out there on EPs. Then more recently working with Micro Spiral, remixing for Pilote, and creating a piece for this Sequential album. The prodcuer has also spent quite a bit of time researching creativity, music and the creative process, so this project appealed to him from that point of view too.

Artist: Kin;Aesthetic
Track: Seqret Sequence [Alpha Version]
Release: Various Artists: Compiled By Klis – ‘Sequential Music: An Alternative Approach For Experimental Minds’ ALBUM {mspiral006}


1. What attracted you to creating music using the Sequential Music method?

The unusual Sequential Music approach seemed fresh, challenging and intriguing, presenting firm restrictions and boundaries while providing absolute freedom within those conditions, a great opportunity to get creative.

2. How did you make your track (approach, ideas, equipment used, mixing techniques)?

I had been experimenting with the side-chaining technique in various forms and it seemed like a logical progression to take it to extremes for the Sequential process… My initial thinking was, get everything to move out the way of the active instrument, with acute settings.

3. What challenges did you face?

This more automated approach did initially pose some challenges – overlapping and leaking parts were the main problem on the first attempt and although I really liked the track, the result didn’t strictly pass the Sequential Music test. I revisited the piece and took things further. It was an interesting process, some of the aesthetics I might ordinarily have retained, had to be sacrificed, making way for other unexpected qualities and a rhythmic starkness.
The result was two quite distinct versions, the ‘Sequential certified’ [Alpha] version and the [Beta] version, and it was the concept and process itself which coloured the differences.

4. How would you summarise your experience?

The restrictiveness of the rules naturally pushed ‘Seqret Sequence’ in certain directions, it was great to experiment with that and see ideas develop within that confinement, and I particularly like the fact that two versions emerged representing different stages of the process.

5. Any other thoughts, ideas etc?

It was a cool project to work on, both free and strict, encouraging of ideas and experimentation, and despite the relative specialist and niche nature of the Sequential Music concept, Micro Spiral put such time, effort, energy and passion into making it happen. Here’s to volume two!