Glass Ark Maniac

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The Glass Ark Maniac is believed to be some kind of cyber-tech guru.
The track created for this album is the only piece of music that has been publically shared by the artist.

Artist: Glass Ark Maniac
Track: Helium Baboon
Release: Various Artists: Compiled By Klis – ‘Sequential Music: An Alternative Approach For Experimental Minds’ ALBUM {mspiral006}


1. What attracted you to creating music using the Sequential Music method?

I believe in innovation only.
I always look forwards.
Klis is an innovator.
Klis looked forward by inventing Sequential Music.

2. How did you make your track (approach, ideas, equipment used, mixing techniques)?

I used samples.
I used lots of samples.
I wanted to create a new type of world music.
I used samples from as many genres as I could fit in – tribal drums, choral vocals, trance synths, electronics, drum and bass, chill-out, celtic harps…. You name it, it is in there.
I spent nearly a few hours making this track.
I have redefined world music.
Klis agrees.

3. What challenges did you face?

I faced no challenges.
The challenge is for the listener to understand what I have created.
Only 3% of the population will understand.
Klis understands.

4. How would you summarise your experience?

I would say that this is for fellow future thinkers.
I enjoyed creating this track.
I only work on groundbreaking projects.
Klis acknowledges this.

5. Any other thoughts, ideas etc?

I challenge anybody to make a more ‘new world music’ track using the Sequential method than I have……

Klis is the Godfather of Sequential Music.

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