Scaling As Karma

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Scaling As Karma is the ambient music project of Music Technology graduate Carla Magnasiks. Her debut release ‘Exotic Robotique’ was released on the Pink Pussycat Records imprint and was featured by Beat magazine.

Artist: Scaling As Karma
Track: Igor’s Jelly Castle
Release: Various Artists: Compiled By Klis – ‘Sequential Music: An Alternative Approach For Experimental Minds’ ALBUM {mspiral006}


1. What attracted you to creating music using the Sequential Music method?

Having studied music technology, I have always been interested in how other producers approach making their songs. Everybody has their own unique way of working. When I heard about a whole new method, I just had to try it out!

2. How did you make your track (approach, ideas, equipment used, mixing techniques)?

For the last couple of years I have become fascinated with ambient music, classical and film scores. Because of this I wanted to incorporate these influences into my track. I opted not to go for a collection of short collected sequences. Instead, I decided to try recording multiple solos across a number of instruments. In fact, I was fortunate enough to be given some stems used for a track made for a computer game soundtrack (but the particular track was not ever released) by a friend and these became the heart of ‘Igor’s Jelly Castle’.

3. What challenges did you face?

The hardest part of making this track was finding a collection of sounds / instruments that fit side by side and contained similar feelings / emotions.

4. How would you summarise your experience?

Working on a sequential music track took me out of my comfort zone. I had to think in creative ways that I had not done so previously. At times, because it was quite an abstract way of doing things, it did provide a few headaches. Once those were overcome I was very happy with the result. My productions since have also benefitted hugely from this experience.

5. Any other thoughts, ideas etc?

I would suggest that anybody interested in making new and original music give Sequential Music a try. It will make you a better producer / artist.